Surface treatment

Surface treatment
  • coating
  • vacuum coating and plating
  • fluorination
  • painting

One of the largest plants in the Czech Republic

Recipient capacity 5100 dm3

Drawing speed 150 dm/sec


PVD - Physical Vapour Deposition

Thanks to a high-capacity plant with arc evaporation we are able to offer thin, vacuum-applied coatings for various applications: decorative coatings, coatings of glass sheets, and special applications. The technology that is used enables metal coatings and metal-compound coatings to be applied at room temperature, i.e. we are able to coat materials that degrade at higher temperatures.

We are able to apply thin layers to almost all materials (conducting or non-conducting), and copy the contour of the base plate; the coating is evenly spread and highly adhesive with adjustable layer thickness (1 – 30 µm ).

Colour card

“Metal”: silver, light gold, red-brown, gold, greyish-purple, purple

Decorative coatings – TiN, TiCN

Ti – glossy steel, production of durable mirrors with the possibility of the regulation of light transmittance (glass tinting, “spy glasses”, mirrors in aggressive environments, heat-insulating mirrors), decorative reflexive coating on plastics, metals, or ceramics.

TiO – bluish-purple compound specific for its selective absorption of solar radiation. The combination of TiO with a metal base makes a highly effective converter of light to heat which makes it the most suitable system for solar collectors used for heating sanitary water; it is also suitable as a decorative coating.

TiN – glossy gold, superhard compound with high resistance against abrasion used to increase the resistance of tooling devices and machinery components. Because of its colour it is often used for the production of cheap “golden” decorative coatings.

Special applications

Various types of coatings with very good evenness and high adhesion, current carrying, semi-conductive, Ti, Al, Ta, Ni etc.; semi-permeable or impermeable coatings, reflexive in visible radiation spectrum (mirrors), reflexive in infrared spectrum (heat reflectors), etc.